Complying with the British Standards Institution

Our goal is to conform to British Standard (BS) 8878 Web Accessibility Code of Practice from the British Standards Institution (BSI). In accordance with BS8878, you’ll find our organisational accessibility goals on this page.

It's our aim to deliver on all three BS8878 levels and more:

  • Technically accessible: e.g. is it technically possible for users to access the information or perform the steps needed to accomplish the task?
  • Usable: e.g. are users able to effectively and efficiently complete tasks?
  • Satisfying/enjoyable: e.g. are users satisfied with the experience; is the experience enjoyable, if it is supposed to be?

Our accessibility goals

  • Engage with disabled people, understand their requirements, and incorporate those requirements into website scoping and planning
  • Meet Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 as a minimum, and Level AAA wherever possible
  • Conduct formal and informal accessibility evaluations against the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 throughout development
  • Put in place an ongoing post launch programme of accessibility evaluations and testing with people with disabilities.

If you are experiencing issues when using the site please contact us.